Gemini crossfader trick


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Jan 30, 2002
Try this out if you've got a battered old gemini mixer and want to spice it up a bit.

Pull the crossfader out and take all the screws out of it.

There's a big bit of plastic between the plate and the fader unit, bung it in the bin!

Take the pair of screws from the outside of the fader (the ones that hold the plate to the mixer) and put them on the inside and put the longer ones in their place (or find a pair of short ones from another fader)

Use servisol super 10 or some 3 in one oil and grease it up and it should fly! Might stick up a lot but getting rid of the plastic helps a lot, not sure why they put them in there. my gemini one now moves quicker than my vestax. the curve's still shite but it helps a lot if it's the only mixer you've got
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