Gein now on Cyber Groove AM roster!! Booking now!!

Gein now on Cyber Groove AM roster!! Booking now!!

Milwaukee, WI - USA

GEIN, appropriately named after the Plainfield Wisconsin pyscho Edward. Gein, consists of The Butcher (formerly of Defiant), Abel(MC) and Saint (founder of Habit Recordings). Formed in early 2004, the crew linked up when Butcher moved from Los Angeles to Milwaukee, joining Saint and Abel to create one of the most twisted group of producers out there today.

GEIN's sound can have a variety of "labels", but BRUTAL comes to mind when most come to describe the demented beats that are forged in the lab.

Coming off a scorching 2005, GEIN is set to take things ten steps further in 2006. With an E.P. for Moving Shadow (Street Sweeper EP) and a 12" for Freak (Hate / Father Of Lies) in the bag, GEIN's forthcoming material is raising eyebrows across the board. Some current forthcoming projects include a Habit 12" (Telepathy w/Bitfiendz / Hell) that has been causing a ruckus around the world. Freak / Tech Freak will be putting out an E.P. consisting of GEIN and Arsenic's "Bitch", "The Sermon", and two brand new, still unfinished ones.

Also on the chopping block, GEIN is remixing Dylan's classic darkstepper "Witchcraft", as well as Technical Itch's "Hex", two massive undertaking that they believe will raise the bar one step further. Also lined up are collaborations with the likes of the mighty Evol Intent, a release on Defcom Recordings, and more
output on Habit / Freak / Tech Freak. Plus let us not forget the SKINSUIT SESSIONS, GEIN's online mixes which have achieved cult-like status across the world on the forums and message boards. Plans for the latest installment are in the works.

Watch out for GEIN in 2007 and beyond. With support from the likes of heavyweights Dylan, Tech Itch, Dieselboy, AK1200, Bkey, Evol Intent, Ewun, Limewax, SPL, TZA, Counterstrike and more, these three will surely be a strong presence in drum n bass for a long time, and will be coming to kill dancefloors and blow up speakers near you.


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Cyber Groove Productions/Artist Management
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