GEIN - Bad Chemistry Podcast 003 OUT NOW!!!


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Ladies and Gentlemen...

We know its been awhile, but we have been busy branching out in the music world doing what we do best. From breakneck beats to thugstep jams, we bring you the fruits of our studio labor. We hope you enjoy!

Bad Chemistry Podcast 003 - Mixed by GEIN


GEIN and Counterstrike - Anarchy [Bad Chemistry]
Counterstrike and Zardonic - When Worlds Collide [Counterstrike]
GEIN and Evol Intent - Know Your Enemy [Evol Intent]
Dead Phantoms - All I Wannes [Intransigent]
Nanotek and Machine Code - Nanomachine [???]
Demo - O.D. (GEIN and Counterstrike Remix) [Human]
Demo - O.D. (Counterstrike Dubstep Mix) [Human]
GEIN - Dont Be Mad [Play Me ]
Counterstrike, SPL and Limewax - Killing Machine (Sinister Souls Remix) [Algorhythm]
Bro Safari and Nerd Rage - Real Life [Ultragore]
GEIN and Counterstrike - Killer [Bad Chemistry]
GEIN and Evol Intent - Battle [Evol Intent]
Gancher and Loop Stepwalker - Dominator [???]
GEIN and Counterstrike - Pentagram (GEIN VIP) [Bad Chemistry]
GEIN and Counterstrike - Psychic Weapon [Bad Chemistry]
GEIN and Black6 - Bang [Play Me ]
Current Value - Indivisible Force (Nanotek Remix) [Freak]
Evol Intent - Odd Number (Bare Remix) [Evol Intent]
GEIN and Evol Intent - Hit em' up [Evol Intent]
GEIN and Black6 - Definition [Play Me ]
Dub Elements - Black Ninja [Prspct]
Evol Intent - Era Of Diversion (GEIN and Black6 Remix) [Evol Intent]
GEIN - Chemistry [Habit]