Gear Aquisition?


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So I am looking at getting some equipment to help in the production journey. Been to my local store, and he has a few bits and bobs in there.

So I have got a list of a Mixing desk, Midi Keyboard/Controller, Audio Interface and some Monitor speakers. He is a Yamaha dealer so i can order from their catalogue, and quite happy that they are a company that makes good gear. I am limited as I live in Thailand and import charges can get a bit silly.

He also had a couple of things in the shop. A Behringer Mixing desk, now as a guitar player, I know Behringer is looked down upon as they are budget gear. Same for all of their stuff? That is the mixing deak he has in there. Anyone used or got an opinion on it? I see it has a soundcard built into it. Could I connect monitor speakers upto to that desk? Would I need a separate interface? The desk is not brand new, but not old at all. Price is about 100 GBP.

For monitor speakers, looking at the HS series or the MSP series that Yamaha have. Any recommendations?

For Keyboards/Controllers he also said I could order in from M-Audio(he had a 2nd hand one in but it has no cables or box or manual :( ). Are these any good? Any models I should avoid.

Lets say I am not restricted, what other options would I have, with the following budgets.

Speakers - 500 GBP
Mixing Desk 100-200 GBP
Keyboard/Controller 100-200 GBP
Audio interface if needed - 100-150 GBP