GDD024 The Grandad - The Killer Jellyfish Ep OUT NOW

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    Global Domination Digital proudly presents to you the ‘not to be missed’ Killer Jellyfish EP!


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    This is the 24th release from Global Domination and it’s clear to see that they’re going from strength to strength within the Jump Up scene. This E.P has been produced by The Grandad, who has a clear understanding of gut churning jump up production which is evident throughout this EP.

    At the forefront of the EP we have an energetic stepper full to the brim of big basslines. With captivating samples guaranteed to draw attention and take you to sinister depths, where you will find the ‘Killer Jellyfish’.

    Next in line we have ‘Hit the Fan’, this starts with a melodic intro, with snippets carried throughout the track, but don’t be fooled as there is no softly softly approach here.

    Dead Weight, is a fast flowing smasher with fierce upfront in your face production guaranteed to get the crowd moving, and to complete the EP, with its unique intro, dirty bass line and grizzly attention to detail, Human Sacrifice is the one to watch out for!

    Dates for this release are as follows:

    GDD024 - The Jelly Fish EP
    14th November 2011
    The Grandad - Killer Jellyfish
    The Grandad - Hit the Fan
    The Grandad - Dead Weight
    The Grandad - Human Sacrifice

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