Multi Genre Gated sound effect?


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Hi there, i've been producing for a while, however there's this sound effect that has got me stumped when i try to recreate it. I'm not sure if 'gated' is the right word to use for this but i will give a few examples of what i mean.

The most noticeable example is this song, right from the beginning:

From about 30secs in on this one

The ways i have tried to do it is by e.g. playing four chords, each held down for a long amount of time, then chopping the beginning of each chord by...say an eight of the bar and then repeating that bit. After this i will side chain a trigger to every quarter beat of the bar (like a four on the floor drum beat). This is the closest i have got it...however it still doesn't sound much like the first example which is what i'm aiming at. If anyone can offer any helpful advice or input for this, it would be much appreciated!
In case it helps i'm using Logic 9
I hope that all made sense...cheers!


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Not sure how this is to be done in in Logic but in reason I just hook an arpeggiator on my synth CV and set the arp to go from 0 to 1 ever 1/8 or 1/16 or w/e you want