GASM : 004 : Zero Sum Breakout (Klute remix) / Roots

Dstar & Mason-
A: Zero Sum Breakout (Klute rmx)- Originally the head nodding flip to Freak Recordings classic “Ruff Rugged & Raw”, ZERO SUM is twisted by the master of the tribal dub vibe Klute. Klute makes beautiful use of the original breaks making this one RRRRRUN!! The programming of the bass is completely unique, and gushes right through the mix nicely with almost any tune!

B: Roots: For lovers of the dub, heaviness, and the raw! True to the Gasm sound and one for the climax of your set..,,,’the roots, the island….DRUM N’ BASS!’ nuf said

Full release late August…(upcoming, GASM 005 TRUST-‘P.H.I.L.L.Y. VIP feat. Armanni & Sharpness, b/w ‘Only You feat. Audio Angel…promo’s out soon!!!)