Garage tune up for remix


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Nov 18, 2008

Here's an old 2-Step track I released back in 2000, production sounds terrible by todays standards :oops: but it got alot of play back in the day. I recently found the original Cubase audio & project files on an old harddrive, so I'm thinking about doin an up-to-date 2-Step or 4x4 re-production. If anyone's up for doing a DnB remix get in touch, I can send individual vocal parts/instruments or a mixed accappella, whatever you need really.

Download Link:

There was a Drum n Bass remix, if I can find it, I'll upload it - It had some extra vocal parts.

If we get some decent remixes together I might get a run of promos pressed to vinyl which could be good exposure for peeps across different genres.
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