garage room at the roast


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Does anyone else appreciate how rolling the garage room was at roast ? This was my first exposure to house and garage (very different to what most people remember as garage) and the tunes were absolutely banging, it got me raving at h+g nights for a couple of years but nothing come close to them 94-95 underground vibes.That was probably because there was an oldskool crowd and the tunes they dropped catered 4 us, but come on someone else on here must have some memories.Also if anyone can help me, ive been after a tune 4 many years now and im getting desperate, if anyones got the mickey b and jason kaye tape from roast 4th birthday(wicked tings) its the last oldskool tune mikee drops before they go back to garage, if someone can i d it 4 me i would be eternally grateful.

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Yes yes, thats what got me into it mate....The Roast, Timmi Magic, Mikee B, MC Creed, Munchie, Spoony etc etc......and i have that pack mate, no promises though if i still have the tape as they're boxed up in my loft.