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Jan 22, 2011

Ganja White Night (SubCarbon records) is a dubstep live act coming from Belgium to deliver some bouncy epic bass music to the world. Three guys ready to rumble any proper sound system with their killa sound…live & direct.
Their sound is a mix between massive home-made tonal basses, organic based beats, and multi ethnical flavours from different horizons. Their two first tracks Strawberry Cough and Purple Star were the starting point for them to develop a style made of sharp beats, explosive fat basses and tricky space melodies. Some polyrhythmic acoustic sound design able to create never heard sounds that can destroy any dance floor.
They played live in several places in Belgium alongside names as Baobinga amongst others. Lately they created their own digital label named SubCarbon to get to the next level and to get heard by the whole wide world.
Ganja White Night is a shout in the dark in this noisy world...

BambY : Sound Design, Lead and Vocal and Arrangements
R-One : Rhythmic,Machine and Arrangements
LeBelgeElectrod : Bass, Sound Design and Arrangements


After performing all over Europe (Romania, Holland, Uk, … and LeBelgeElectrod on Montreal),
playing with names like Doctor P, Beardyman, Jungle Drummer, Tomba, Barenoize, Slumdogz, Eddie K, Hijak, Bunzero, MC Xander and plenty more …,
a live-production week on Ustream,
the remix of blueberry by Bunzero,
Ganja White Night is proud to announce:

New track uploaded on soundcould :

A featuring with Don Fiasko ( will soon gonna be released.

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Thanks for the support !
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