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Dec 3, 2001
Kingz Lyn, UK
just saw this posted at DOA,

BBS has learned that yes, there is no Hornet on that LP
Last Friday, we got a fax from one of our distributors with the following tracklisting for the new Ganja Kru Dark Light DOUBLE LP VINYL:

"Bad Company - Hornet / Ram Trilogy - Huggy Bear / High Contrast - Global Love / DJ Krust - Kloaking King / DJ Brockie - Sleeping Giant / Ram Trilogy - Milky Way / Potential Bad Boy - Girlstown / Moving Fusion - Ghost Lane"

Needless to say, while we were amazed to see Hornet on vinyl, it was indeed being sold on the sheet as a Double LP, and our distributor insisted this was the information they had been provided. In the interest of serving our customers, we went ahead and ordered a good quantity of the LP and put it online with the juicy bit highlighted (as would any other retailer trying to sell an otherwise-unanticipated album composed largely of already-released tracks, released by an almost-unknown sublabel).

When we received the vinyl today, we found out that in fact there was no Hornet to be had. In its stead was the anxiously-awaited "Take My Life" by Dillinja, a track which many of our customers have owned for some time. Over the course of the last four hours, we have been personally calling every customer who ordered this LP to confirm whether or not they want eight half-sides they already own; most of them, not surprisingly, have decided to cancel the LP from their orders. We've since updated the description of the LP on our website, which you may examine yourselves.

If you've ordered this LP and we haven't yet contacted you, let us apologize now for the inconvenience (an apology each of us has made several times already today, and which has been graciously accepted by each of the customers we've spoken to). We rely on the loyalty of our customers, and we know each of you extends us your trust. We thank you for being understanding and hope to continue to provide you with legitimate dopeness on wax well into the future.

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No worries to me caus I wouldn't of bought it anyway!
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