Gangsta Fun & Skilla - Radical Beats Radio 04.19.09 !

dj rev-e

aka Gangsta Fun
Mar 13, 2003
Lot of technical problems prevented us from recording the whole show, but here goes the last 45 mins or so. Enjoy :]

Gangsta Fun & Skilla - 04.19.09 Radical Beats Show (!


Gangsta Fun & Skilla - Happy Friendly Shit (Skilla VIP) [dub]
Skilla - Gotham Hell [dub]
Levela - Octopus Crime VIP [Radical Beats dub]
Macky Gee - Swagger [dub]
Chowder - 10th Commandment [Dirty Needle]
Drum Addict - Joyride [Direct]
Audio Demon - The Recession [Bassclash dub]
DJ Rusty - Elysian Park [Radical Beats dub]
Vital Elements - Mountain People [V2E]
Heist - Sleep In Ya Eyes [Frontline]
Nightwalker - Enter With Caution [Subfuzion]
Bassline Terrorist - Death Rattle [G13]
Gangsta Fun - No.1 Shotta [Radical Beats dub]
N:side & Brown Note - Necropolis [dubstep]
OH SHIT! OI , BIG UP, SAFE and all that shit-about time for a new mix from my favorite dj's in the world.
FACK this track list all most made me cream my pants for bloody fuck sake!:boxing:

boh for get this one posted so qwik man.
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