Gancher & Lethal - Insecticide Remix Contest

Nov 28, 2007
EZ all,

We're currently working on a string of remix projects from our evergrowing back catalogue.
To kick off procedures, we're offering all producers out there the chance to remix the huge "Insecticide" by Gancher & Lethal.
This techno dnb monster caused quite a stir when it was released back in 2009 and continues to terrorise dancefloors with its frenetic synthwork and pounding drums.
The rule is: there are no rules...Your remix can be any genre of music, feel free to add production, samples, whatever...

Your submissions must be full finished tracks (320 MP3s) and sent before the 4th of December by one of the following ways:

-via our dropbox soundcloud page

-by aim to gonzomeltingpot or jomeltingpot

-send a download link by email to:

The winners will see their remix feature as a release on our label and receive loads of goodies including: Melting Pot Records vinyl, t-shirts and credit on our online store.

So, finally, here's what you're all waiting for, the remix pack:

Now grab the samples, get off the internet and get to work on your remix :)
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Nov 28, 2007
First of all, thanks to all of you who took part in this remix contest, we received a great number of quality entries. But as you know, it's a competition and not everyone can win...

Our congratulations to the winners Neomind and Infamous whose dark and dirty versions especially rocked our speakers! We'll keep you all posted on the release of these remixes in the very near future.

Check the clips here:
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