G2 hits its 10th 12" release.... competiton inside >>>


G2001 - Future Prophecies - Stalker / Insanity
G2002 - Project 51 / Substrata - The Volunteer / Cerulian
G2003 - Wrisk - Method / Lego
G2004 - Monkey & Large - MIR / X12
G2005 - Audio & Mackie / Audio - All Mine / Defrag
G2006 - Monkey & Large - Slam! VIP / Antilife
G2007 - Paul B & STA - Licensed 2 Kill RMX / Marathon
G2008 - By Design / Gridlok - Dilemma RMX / Stinkfist
G2009 - Defiant - Infinite / No Return
G2010 - Bad M.F. - Cosmosis / Love v's Hate

To win a copy of G2010 simply answer this question:

Name 5 other labels that have featured one or more of the above artists listed

Email answers to jason@alpha-magic.com

Big Up! Here's to the next 10!
Not fair!!!!!!!!!

I don't know the answers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sly dogs, now i'm gonna have to do the research and find out!

well taht was fun, i be in the same boat as caution.. hopefully i will be the victor.. or something ehehehe
@ Mackie:

You guys aught to send more copies of "Slam / Anti-Life" to BBS as thats where I shop. I haven't checked back recently so perhaps (I hope) they have it now (crosses fingers).
i wish the abc stores here stocked records.. that would be awesome..
but i have to go all the way into the city to get rekkids..
pay like 2 bucks each time i want one :(
mackie said:
they can order direct from Majestic, just need to get BBS to order a copy for you

i figure you know the catalogue numbers etc

big up!

Thanks, I'll give that a shot.
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