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Jan 20, 2016
It's hard to believe Twistex and I have only known each other for less than a year. We have spent hundreds of hours on Skype sharing ideas and patches, creating tracks and laughing our asses off. Since we started talking in May of 2016 we had tossed around the idea of writing an album together.

It was January of 2017 and we had no idea that the funky track we were writing called "Breakout" would play such an important role in our musical journey. I write music for TV and Film professionally so I always try to get placements for my FWLR material whenever possible. I had the chance to pitch some music for a Maybelline commercial and Breakout was one that I sent in. After a LOT of edits and tweaks Maybelline decided to go with our track! We were absolutely pumped and we knew what we were going to do with the funds.

We decided to use some of the money from that placement to get Twistex a ticket from his home in the middle of the woods in Norway to my studio in the middle of the woods in Canada. Not even a month later in February he completed the long and eventful trip. He had pretty much every problem you could ever have while traveling, from canceled flights due to weather, to being frisked and questioned by customs. But he finally made it and we wasted no time.

He was here for 9 days and we practically lived in the studio. Our chemistry was amazing. We seemed to share one mind when writing. I remember one time Twistex was editing something and I wanted to tell him an idea I had but I was gonna wait until he was done. I was standing behind him so he couldn't see me yet he still sensed something and asked "what do you want me to change?". After we figured out each other's workflow we were a well oiled FL Studio machine.

We originally only planned on writing an EP but we ended up writing 7 songs in the 9 days he was here. When you add that to the 3 songs we had already started, we had a 10 song album. It's full of all kinds of crazy shit. It spans many styles of music and has tons of experimental elements in it. It's called "Without Borders" and we can't wait for you to push play.

Available on all major online distributors and for free @

Snapchat: FWLRmusic

Snapchat: Dr.Twistex

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