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Jan 6, 2002
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Welcome to the first in a series of bimonthly instalments that Unique Artists bring to you, our focus being to inform and show support for the scene. If you wish to be removed from this newsletter, reply to this email with ³remove² in the subject header.



March 17th sees Andy C & Fresh¹s highly anticipated Music Maker EP (Ram Records) hitting shelves. This album features smashers such as ³Elm Street ² (with Vegas), ³Shinobi², ³Switch² and ³Without You². London residents can catch the official launch party this Friday (07/03/03) at The End, where Andy & Fresh will be celebrating the release alongside Ram Recordings artists Red One, Shimon and Moving Fusion. Also playing will be friends of Ram and fellow Unique Artists Randall, DJ Hype, GQ and Flux.

Keeping things Ram Related........

May sees the next instalment in the Ram Trilogy series, ³The Screamer EP² available worldwide. Shimon has completed a remix for R&B group Evidence¹s new single forthcoming on Epic/Sony. Red One has been extremely busy lately. In between running Ram Records, Liftin¹ Spirit Records, Frequency Recordings and High Life Recordings, Red One has been able to make time to complete a remix of Fierce & Matrix¹s ³Tightrope², due out on Metro Recordings soon. Also watch for ³Pitch Switch² & ³Screwball² out on Liftin¹ Spirit in May, followed by remixes of hugely popular tunes ³Believe in U² and ³Don¹t Stop² (remixed by Matrix and Fierce) in late June.
After releasing the highly successful ³Start of Something² EP last year, the Moving Fusion boys have been dividing their time between touring the globe, gracing the pages of magazines such as DJ Mag, Musicmag and Knowledge and putting their energy into creating a remix EP, including remixes of dance floor stompers ³Reality² and ³Lazy Bones², 2003 seems set to be bigger and brighter than ever for Moving Fusion.

For more info check: www.ramrecords.com


2003 looks set to be another incredible year for the True Playaz camp. Hype and Pascal are currently gearing up to relaunch The Ganga Kru, with a new EP titled ³Foundation² due out in April. Hype has recently signed new artist Hazard onto the books, while Pascal has ³Listen² on Ganja Records and ³Intrigue² on Frontline Records, both due out in May. Keep watching, as there will be another EP from the playaz out later in the year.

For more info check: www.true-playaz.co.uk www.frontline.uk.com


Fresh back from flexing her talents down under, DJ Wildchild has several projects in the pipeline.... the first one to watch for is ³Snow² (with Damage) out in May on Invader. After that ³Maybe² (with Damage) will be out on Signal. To hear both these tunes log onto DJ Wildchild¹s website at the below address, you will find them both in the Music Room.

for more info check www.djwildchild.com


Gracing the cover of this month¹s Knowledge magazine is jungle-meister DJ Ron. Ron has been working on the remix tip lately and you can expect a remix of the jungle classic ³Warriors In The Dance² by New Blood out on No Frills in the very near future. As well as this Ron has been organising a new monthly Sunday club night at London¹s The Rouge in Charing Cross. After a break from the circuit Ron is very much back in full swing.

for more info check www.djron.co.uk


The usual steady flow of singles and remixes from Ed Rush and Optical may have slowed up in 2002, but rest assured the duo were doing anything but resting on their laurels. In between the consistent touring, the boys from Virus have been hard at work putting the finishing touches on their third album ³The Original Doctor Shade². This album looks set to broaden the Virus spectrum with collaborations from turntabilists The Scratch Perverts and house legend Seb Fontaine. Also featuring on the album is Virus¹s official MC, Ryme Tyme, who debuted on Dr Shade¹s predecessor ³The Creeps². Ryme Tyme has also been keeping his fingers in the production jar, with a release due soon on his own label 1210. Collaborating with Cause 4 Concern¹s Optive and New Zealand¹s Bulletproof, the LP will feature ³Camouflage² and ³Black Cell².
There is also a 1210 album in the works for later on this year.


After the hugely successful first release on Fierce¹s new label Quarantine last year, the next instalment looks set to drop in April. The follow-up features ³Carrier² and ³Bermuda² with Cause 4 Concern. Watch this space.... Quarantine will be dropping many more quality releases, establishing itself as a premier D&B label.


As per usual, Loxy & Ink have been keeping up the constant flow of heavy tunes. Next out on Cylon is ³Get Yours² by Ink and JW, the flipside being ³Deception² by Loxy and Damage. ³Headz Roll² by Loxy & Ink will be out on Metalheadz in the very near future. The heavy-hitting ³Instinct², which featured on last year¹s stunning ³Can You Draw Sound² EP is soon to be released in remix form on Architecture, featuring mixes from Dillinja, Dom & Roland and Twisted Individual. For all those who have yet to hear Ink¹s superb ³Future Shot Volume One² mix session, log on to www.breakbeat.co.uk to hear it in full. Look out for volume two coming soon....

for more info check www.architecture-recordings.com


2003 has so far already been an explosive year for Bad Company. ³Shot Down On Safari² received world-wide acclaim, and this week the single ³Mo¹ Fire² has stormed into the UK charts at number 21 in it¹s first few days of release (watch out for a Fresh & Andy C remix of this tune on BC Recordings). Following on from this Vegas, Fresh, Maldini & D-bridge are all branching off into independent projects. Fresh is co-producing Grooverider¹s new album, remixing Dillinja¹s ³Twist ŒEm Out² and releasing ³All Strung Out² on Metalheadz. Further from this you can expect to hear more solo work from Fresh on his own label Breakbeat Punk. Maldini & Vegas have a remix of Pascal¹s classic ³Jonny² - titled ³Jonny 2003² coming out very soon on True Playaz. There will be more releases coming out from all members of the BC crew later this year on BC Recordings.

for more info check: www.dogsonacid.com


DJ Probe has recently been putting long hours in at the studio, flexing his skills for J Majik¹s Infared label and also Digital & Spirit¹s Timeless/Phantom Audio. Expect to hear big things from Probe coming out in April/May this year.


Still reeling in the successes of a sell-out national tour, MC GQ¹s imprint Emcee Recordings is currently in the midst of diversifying itself. GQ has signed some up-and-coming breakbeat artists to his label. Emcee is also currently in the process of setting up a website, more info coming soon.


MC Fats has been teaming up with some talented forces in the studio recently. The phenomenal ³Whatcha Don¹t Know² (Fats & A-Sides - Eastside Recordings) is rotating heavily in the selections of Grooverider and Fabio amongst others. As well as A-Sides Fats has been working alongside Vibes to bring unique melodic jams to the world at large.


Congratulations going out to Friction who has just been signed up as BBC Radio 1Extra¹s official mix DJ. Friction has an EP titled ³Lightspeed² coming out on Total Science¹s label Advanced within the next few weeks. Following will be another Friction EP on Renegade Hardware later on in the year. Future releases from Friction will feature his Militia group ( Friction, Stakka, K-Tee & Skinny) on various labels including his very own Transparent Recordings.


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