Future Prophecies - Wonderland / Mentally Destroyed

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Spooky vocals arise from a deadly silent break & tell us 'I Can Smell It In The Air' & i think the guy must have been sensing a storm brewing from the east, because thats exactly what swirls through your monitors after blasting this one from a high volume.
A light snapping snare confronts itself to decide whether it wants to be the main drive behind the track or whether it just needs to sit very closely with a 'Gollum' sounding vocal that screeches throughout the first section of this piece. Quick fire shakers rebound dominantly throughout, & classic dark melodic 'Prophecy' basslines uplift the track, but not to a point of euphoric feeling, just slightly digging it's way into your more sinister side & sparking a little fire there to burn & intrigue you for whats next from there haunted side.
The 'Gollum' sounding vocals lead you deceptively into a wicked kick drum stagger, then pushes you over the edge lettin you fall straight down into the acid led guitar chord which 'Spirals' (some of you will pick up on it), out of control & reaches out for the helping hand of the abstract nightmare sounds which freak around devilishly & add another layer of quick melody to progress swiftly into part III.
This track switches in styles cleanly & makes use of the choppy drum section well so it can almost become 3 or 4 tracks combined as 1. The 3rd section reaks of Krust's early classic 'Warhead' with it's stepping percussion & warping bassline, but somehow pulls of it's own originality throughout the gun battle cymbal attacks.
A quick key change in the bass & some deadly reese attacks inject a new breath of life into 'Wonderland' & sails it into the fantasy soundtrack synths, before those 'Gollum' vocals lead you onward for the final journey!

Overall 7.5/10

Mentally Destroyed
Liquid synths arise & drip beautifully from one another, whilst been caressed & nurtured by a phased sand hi-hat. The excepional quality of the lead melodies sounds are amazing & so clean to hear you will feel like you can almost touch them, but they are only for display as they become shielded by a plastic sci-fi bassline & freshly laid kicks, that fuse each individual sound into a transcentual slumber. The deep rolling echo synths wail between laser FX & ghost fills, but somehow come alive & instantly touch you as they span across each cute displaced drum to link together.
Somewhere along the psy induced travel there is a caged electric guitar hook that stabs frustratingly at the rest of the sounds becasue it doesn't become as dominant as it would like, but within doing this technique 'Future Prophecies' almost give a Jekyll & Hyde theme to the track, where one side is beautiful, epic, & subtle, whilst it's brother rages, & clambers to become more powerful throughout. Minimal sounds scatter & scurry between each other & make a wicked minimal groove with some excellent drops, that make this one of the most engrossing tracks I've listened to in a little while from the scence.

Overall 8.5/10

Granted this single is not going to ignite dancefloors worldwide but listening to this as an actual song rather than a club banger will leave you amazed that D&B music can be artistic & diverse but still leave a mark on your mind & place in you record box. 'Future Prophecies' are always one of those acts that produce quality music but just don't get enough recognition for their efforts, but with there E.P. release on 'Moving Shadow' not so long ago & this closely following maybe the tables are about to turn.
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