Future Prophecies - The Overdrive EP


Jan 3, 2003
All round heavy nastiness on offer here from another of Norways most evil men. This seems to be the current direction of Moving Shadow these days with a heavy emphasis on amens and distorted bass. The title track is proof of this with it's cut up amens and beastly bass. Following a short gap in procedings the classic "are you really ready for some bloodclat jungle tekno?" is unleashed and the mayhem continues with raucouosness being the general order of the day. Plastic Dreams on the flip is on a bit more a trancey tip with some overly tasteful male vocals in the intro overlaying a cheesey synth melody line. Then the stepping groove kicks in but this track doesn't have as much impact as it could have done. Aftermath will definitely please you if you're a fan of DSCI4 as it brings those acid technoey licks to the fore along with crunching beats and brutal bass. Nothing innovative but holds it's own in the mix. The last track amusingly titled Basse The Bastards is just bone crushing. A murderous mix of subterraineous bass and a fairly standard beat. It might be worth waiting for the single to come out as I reckon it'll be Overdrive with Plastic Dreams on the flip although they may pick Aftermath instead. Some good tunes on here but whether you'll want to spend a tenner on it depends on your sense of style, banging.
fuckin crazy ep, except for plastic dreams, i thought that was proper shit. Basse the bastards is the best track in my opinion. lets see more releases from theses guys, they know how to do it propa.
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