DnB Futro vol 3


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Sep 29, 2005
Somewhere over the flyover
Hey all

heres a mix that starts slow and gets brutal … hope you enjoy if you like the vibes come and join Rabble Defiance on facebook...and get along to one of our nights in Reading or London ( about to be anounced)...also I'll up a download of this soon...I promise :teeth:

1 Volantis Nucleus, Paradox

2Back N Forth Bungle

3 Enjoy "Good morning ???"

4Irian Jaya Coco Bryce

5 Time To Remember Msdos

6 Edge Of Space Justice

7 Know How FFF

8 Interlinked Dkay & Dj Lee


10 Bring Yuh Body (Tom & Jerry Remix) Buju Banton

11 Matzo "bready or not EP"

12 Topgun (Dubplate mix) Teebone & Dextrous

13 Rainham nights Red shift & problem Child

14 Reverie M-zine

15 Zulu Rising Sd

16 Scorpio Men Fanu

17 Shimazu Clan Acid Lab

18 Tribulations Need For Mirrors

19Opaque Trace

20 CTS Mateba

21 Sunset over Stevenage Deep Blue

22 Drown Philip D Kick


24 So Deep Sonar's Ghost
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