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    Mar 5, 2011
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    Adelaide, Australia
    This Is my entry for the Twisted Audio Homegrown Freqs Competition a while ago.

    1. The Others – The Way You Make Me (Original Sin Remix)
    2. TC – Tap Ho (Taxman Remix)
    3. RV & Wickaman – LifeForms
    4. SKisM – Red Heat (TC Remix)
    5. Konichi – Hyperactive
    6. Meddler – The Code
    7. Dushi – Gangsta Love
    8. Sensai – Virus
    9. Majistrate – Step Up (Jaydan Remix)
    10. Sigma – Jungle
    11. Camo & Krooked – Vampires (Phetsta Remix)
    12. Delta Heavy – Take The Stairs
    13. Mondeya – From Hell (Konichi Remix)
    14. Rogue Force – Shaolin Steel
    15. The Prototypes – Breathless
    16. Original Sin & Maniak – Cool Kidz
    17. Tyke – Nightmares
    18. Silent Code Ft J Sonic – Don’t Give Up
    19. Bluescreens - Undercover

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    May 18, 2009
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    This mix started more with the synthy side of Drum & bass that im not really a fan of, but i think you made alot of tracks work well ontop of each other
    The code got my attention , just thought some of the switches between tracks could of been alot smoother..
    The From Hell mix was the mix i thought had most potential behind it, the twist of those two styles worked, and i just buzz of Mondeya anyways
    The stepup after that didnt really work for me, too many switches over all not a bad mix though, keep it up !