Fusion mix & interview for Danny Phantom & Radio Robot

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    Here's a recent mix and interview did for Danny Phantom on Radio Robot.co.uk


    Fusion –Radio Robot Guest Mix

    1. Nuyorican Soul feat. Jocelyn Brown – It’s Alright, I Feel It! [Roni Size remix] (Talkin’ Loud)

    For me, a classic. All about the vocal breakdowns on this one!

    >> Roni Size – Windrush (Planet V LP – V Recordings)

    With ‘It’s Alright..’ being so long, I feel there’s plenty of space for a tease underneath. Windrush is perfect, just adds the extra deep bass element. Tracks like Brand New Funk & Strictly Social may be better known, but for me this is one of the main cuts on the album.

    2. Sonic Generation – Without Reason (Looking Good Records)

    A very recent 2nd hand purchase. Just the right, lush musical styles you’d expect from this label.

    3. Peshay – Jah VIP Rollers Mix (Razors Edge)

    Essential remix from Goldie’s Timeless album. I love the inclusion of the ‘Timeless’ vocal. Not many releases on this Metalheadz offshoot, buy on sight!

    4. Mr L – This Is Hardcore (Mr L Records)

    After I heard this again recently on an old Fabio & Grooverider live mix, I knew I’d be digging out my copy soon.

    5. Roni Size/Reprazent – Watching Windows [DJ Die Gnarly Vocal Mix] (Original on New Forms LP – Talkin’ loud)

    Big remix from a big album. I usually hear and play the Instrumental mix, so I’ve been flipping it recently.

    6. Seba & Paradox – Red Tears (Secret Operations)

    Starting to get a bit darker now, and sets the mix up perfectly for...

    7. Source Direct – Mind Weaver (Exorcise The Demons LP – Science)

    Cold, cold, cold! I love the slow development of those crisp amen edits.

    8. Spirit – Final Chapter [TransAtlantic Turmoil Mix] (Timeless Recordings)

    A bit of local talent here (I would often catch Duncan outside Wilkinson!). One of the earlier Spirit tracks I bought, along with his remix of Spinechilla by Rareform.

    9. Scorpio – Machines (Deep Red Recordings)

    More local talent, bought at the same time as the Sonic Generation track. I knew Tom at Redeye Records had run a label named Deep Red, but this is the first release I’ve seen. One off Klute alias on this.

    >> DJ Vapour – Mr Mingus (36th Chamber)

    A spur of the moment decision to spice up the last track as it played out. Of the records I had ready, I felt this one would best add to the intensity of ‘Machines’.

    Radio Robot details:

    Main site: http://www.radiorobot.co.uk/index.html

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    iTunes subscription: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=302585561

    **I copied the shortcuts from their site, you may want to check them..**

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