Fusion mix for Strict Policy. Plenty of super, unsigned bits here!

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    Strict Policy presents: Fusion (Exclusive DnB Mix)

    The end of Summer is upon us and there’s no better way to end it than with a good, solid, & FREE mix....We present this first as a gift for good times and good friends. One of my very good friends Fusion, who co-hosts a weekly radio show with BCee, Driver & FeelX, has been kind enough to lay down this soulful and smooth mix....

    Visit the Spectrum page: www.myspace.com/spectrumicr

    To go to the Ipswich Community Radio website: www.icrfm.co.uk

    We want to give a big thanks to Fusion for doing this, and be looking out for guest mixes coming up from some of his comrades and beyond.....Thanks to all...for all you do.

    Strict Policy - www.myspace.com/strictpolicydnb <<<ADD US!!!!
    (Reflex, Redline, Elav8, & Bassick)

    DOWNLOAD THIS MIX (192kbps 111mb) (Right Click>Save As)

    Or get 320kbps 185mb here: http://dnbshare.com/download/FusionM...10909.mp3.html


    Priors – Fine Day [Johnny Beverton’s Teaser Mix] (CD-R)
    Native – Highway Lights (CD-R)
    Donnie Dubson – Everywhere (Anti Depressing Soul Music EP – Have-A-Break Recordings)
    Intelligent Manners – You Love Me (Spin Recordings)
    Drumlinezz – Just When We Thought It Was Over (Forthcoming Liquid Brilliants)
    Michael Jackson – Butterflies [A Sides remix] (Free Download: http://www.zshare.net/audio/6401025110d2d2e6/)
    Madcon – Beggin’ [ICR remix] (CD-R)
    Drifta – It’s Love (CD-R)
    Cinematic – Straight Time (CD-R)
    Drifta & Static – Break Even (CD-R)
    Underworld – Born Slippy [Invisible Landscape remix] (CD-R)
    DJ Trax – Semi Conversational [Atlantic Connection remix] (Thoughts In Widescreen (Remixes) LP – Audio Buffet)
    Reflex – Ride The Tide (CD-R)
    >>Reflex – Building The Impossible (CD-R)
    Mortem – Conversations (CD-R)
    Empire – Nazca (Forthcoming Silk Recordings)
    Mortem – Whispers (CD-R)
    BCee – Mr Bidigan feat. Jo-S (Forthcoming Spearhead Records)
    Loz Contreras – Soul 77 (CD-R)
    Drumlinezz – Hear Us (CD-R)



    Tracks can be sent via AIM: fusionicr or www.soundcloud.com/fusionicr/dropbox

    iTunes podcast subscription: itpc://spectrumicr.jellycast.com/podcast/feed/3
    or search Spectrumicr in the iTunes store

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