Fusion - 1993-1995 Jungle Mix


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Dec 10, 2003
Kent, u.k
More archive digging, loved going back to when i first started buying tunes and playing.
Hope u enjoy....

Just under 3 hours long:

origin unknown - 31 seconds (rmx)
boogie times tribe - dark stranger (origin unknown rmx)
roni size & die - music box
roni size & die - the calling
ss - hearing is believing
dna - dna
a zone - calling all the people
deep blue - helicopter
deep blue - helicopter (rmx)
foul play - open your mind (rmx)
omni trio - renegade snares (foul play rmx)
omni trio - renegade snares (robs reconstruction rmx)
omni trio - renegade snares (foul play vip)
dj crystal - let it roll
desired state - goes around
the house crew - super hero
3 disciples - gwaan
urban shakedown - arsonist 94
danny breaks - easy
cool hand flex - melody madness
>> londons most wanted - girls dem want it
wots my code - dubplate
subnation - scottie (rmx)
dj mayhem - inesse (ray keith rmx)
hello lover - (hype rmx)
brain killers - screwface
jo - r type
jo - r type (rmx)
q project - champion sound
andy c - roll on
danny breaks - dropping science vol 1
engineers without fears - spiritual aura
slipmatt - breaking free
renegade - terrorist
x project - code red
dem to ruff - nice toon
tactik - the way
ray keith - sing time
asend & ultravibe - real love
smf - guillotine (ray keith rmx)
dillinja & bert - lion heart
dillinja - u aint shit
undercover agent - oh gosh
harmony & extreme - wicked & bad
new blood - worries in the dance (rmx)
remarc - rip
remarc - rip (hype rmx)
krome & time - licence
ss - black
roni size - time stretch (origin unknown rmx)
tom & jerry - maximum style
asend & ultravibe - what kind of world
splash - Babylon (trace rmx)
foul play - being with you
omni trio - thru the vibe
omni trio - feel good
harmony & extreme - boo (rmx)
ss - rollers music
cutty ranks - limb by limb (ss rmx)
ss - lighter (rmx)
origin unknown - truly 1
aladdin - mash up ya know
pascal - p funk
roni size - phyzical (ray keith rmx)
jack frost - pornography (rmx)
ss - red
dead dread - dread bass (origin unknown rmx)

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Mr G

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Jan 10, 2005
Essex, UK
Fusion, i am loving this....tunes and mixing are spot on mate....SPOT ON!

If anyone needs a History lesson then this is it!
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Mar 15, 2010
right up my street mate , i have all these on vinyl too except sing time and melody madness , mixing is spot on and selection is a real history lesson.

Spot on pal this is quality ;)
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