Fup me sideways , how long before this site gets shutdown


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Feb 12, 2006
hahahahahaha, damn that's wrong

poor girl but man do i hate that pic of her face, pops like every now and then to your face when you're reading news and whatever on the internet
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Jul 3, 2005
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:uberlaugh<<<<<<<<<< why did you put this next to the thread? its not funny! i dont get it

because i found it funny when i clicked it ... i didnt get court up in the whole drama of "what has happened" and just inbraced a internet joke that is "contraversal" depending in how you think apon the subject in question ...

i didnt produce the site i found alink , yes i laughed and shared ...

sorry to those that feel affended by such things , but im sure in the case of micheal jackson jokes,diana jokes and all the other contraversal things that people have made jokes about over the yrs not once have you smerked or allowed your personality to laugh along with it , if this is true then im sorry towards you if this isnt the case then your just making alittle net drama that your brain has made your mind not to see the joke with in a circumstance ... there is no right or wrong answer just we both beg to differ

have a good night
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