Funny Things MC's Say...


Digital Future
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Mar 21, 2002
Bored at Work
Mcs crack me up, a lot of the time for all the wrong reasons!!! And you gotta admit you do hear some funny shit on tapes.

Skibadee - "Holy Scneizelhoffen! Holy Schmolenberger!"

Joe Peng - "Skin to skin connection, dont forget to wash because you might get an infection!"

Moose (during Police in Helicoptor) - "Dont arrest us officer! Its only a little ten bag o' ganja!"

Bassman - "Black pussy, white pussy, black pussy, white pussy etc." (and pretty much any of his lyrics - the mans a legend!)

Man Parris - "Old McDonald had a rave.... and on that rave he had an 'e'....and on that 'e' he had a trip...etc etc"
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