Drum & Bass Funky D&B, New Tune. Brassic- Loose Times.


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Cool! I'm curious how many days you create this tune? I am just starting here and would like to know what motivates you in making this? Or did you use any software?
Alright mate, this tune was something I had the drums and bass for the drop for a while (took about 2/3 hours to get the sound on them i like) then came back to it and spent about another 4/5 hours arranging and adding other musical themes, so altogether roughly a days work if it were to be concurrently. I use Logic, but use some analogue synths and instrumentation too. Motivation wise, purely just to create something I can enjoy listening to and be happy with, and maybe see some appreciation from others in the process.

Good Luck, hope you liked the tune.
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