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    Turbine Music presents


    Long way to Home EP
    Release date: Monday 27th January
    Format: MP3 / wav / flac
    cat no: turb007
    ISRC: NL-CK4-10-24079

    a: Long way to Home
    b: Monolith
    c: Voice of my Soul
    d: Passion featuring St:iff

    Available from:

    "After a successful 2013, Turbine Music welcomes the new year with a brand new solo EP from Fullarity, who drops back in at Turbine Music with his eagerly anticipated solo EP.
    With releases already under his belt on our various artists EP’s we felt it was time to let him unleash a 4 tracker of forward thinking music.
    The title track opens proceedings and welcomes you to drop into the depths of a sci-fi induced coma, a sidechained synth does the work and with a hurting 808 bass this drives along with the halftime drums and percussion easily.
    Little keys interplay with the trance esque string. A perfect opener.
    Monolithopens with a summer soaked walk through an open field before the storm erupts, and that’s where the damage leaves its carnage, droning bassline with bongo interplay and an eastern musical flavour tickling your rib cage, a tightly packed tune with lots of variation and movement which is all aloud to breath in its own spaces.
    Voice in my soul see’s this Polish producer colab with St:iff, which is more of a dancefloor led attack on the system. Heavy kicks and clicks are the order of the day, with its high passed filters and chords laying down the foundations, a clever tune that can and has fitted in to many dj’s set.
    Finishing this EP is Passion, and there has been certainly a lot of that put into the production of this EP.
    A nerved shredded intro with a lonely voice telling us they loved me, before the ultra halftime drums and stripped back rim shots keep the suspense locked in, little electronic percussive hits has been used to its fullest and hi hats keep the energy levels on edge. A fantastic finish to an EP that’s brimming full of confidence from the first drop.
    The man from Poland has delivered; watch out for more from Fullarity."