Full Force / Cyb Orc Feat.Sunchase :Casualty / Eclipse

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    Second release from the self titled label edges Full Force further into the tech scence, with a real neouro funk flavour. Building from a steady rising kick drum roll into an almost psychedlic surrounding, 'Casualty' warps easily along the speakers. A wave motion bass rises & falls along one note tech hits & a subtle 303 acid line that simmers in the background just waiting to be executed to it's fullest ear piercing best. The drums are steady & remain very untouched throughout the track due to the focus been on the synth lines & filtered electro sweeps which combine together to really mess with your head.
    Casualty starts well & can be used to good effect as a tease track but it still lacks something cutting edge to define it from a few other tunes which would sit in this category of minimal tech funk, but in saying this all the elements are there for 'Full Force' to be a very big name this year.

    Overall: 6.5

    Dark twisted synths creep around an eerie silence before combining with some nasty anger fuelled acid lines. Growling & snarling with every chance the synth work is exceptional & is engrosing but be warned this is not for the faint hearted as 'Eclipse' can become a lonely palce. Minimal plastic kick drums & old 80's electro snares create a foundation for Cyb Orc & Sunchase to get busy over, but like 'Casualty' the focus is all about the distinct rage biten melodies.
    Dirty warehouses & late night free parties be warned this one is for you because the clubs won't like this, so I'll be seeing you in the woods of the M4! :miss_rep:

    Overall: 7/10