FukKen'ArtKore - A Dubstep filthy Trip through the Mind of a Lunatic


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FUkKen'ArtKore - April 2011- Heavy Filthy Dubstep Mix by Bazooka of Aural-Carnage Recordings

A Mix through the Darkness of Dubstep and this time it's called 'FukKen'ArtKore' and in fact it is cold as FUKC. The Tunes as well as the Mix itself. Proper !!!!.
Tunes from the forthcoming Album 'AntiHero' by Bazooka are also included! Check it out and download it for free NOW!. You can download the mix (FAST) on http://www.aural-carnage.com (audio section) as 320kbps mp3 aswell as the Tracklist if you prefer that - before SoundCloud. I do ;) Soundcloud address is: http://soundcloud.com/bazooka-dj

Mix includes names as Datsik , Borgore , Bar9 , Bazooka , Daladubz , Tek One , Funtcase and many more

Also check out 15 Years of Bazooka on the AC Website (if you go there) and check out the Promos of the Bazooka Album 'AntiHero'. Enjoy Evil Sickness - or FILTH - as the youngsters used to call it these days .. ;)

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