FSR AUDIO DEV launches Cell VSTi!!!

Discussion in 'Production' started by nuphorm, Dec 21, 2006.

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    FSR Cell VSTi

    ...an ambience generation studio instrument, giving users the ability to generate evolving atmospheric soundscapes from source material of any length and content. Cell was developed as an alternative to other hugely bloated "atmosphere" type sample library/players which require gigabytes of rom samples as layers for ambient sounds. We adopted a different approach based on creating large evolving samples out of smaller bits of whatever samples the user feeds into it. An offline process uses frequencies from any material, be it a short stab or extended sample, and "smears" the audio into an evolving ambient sound with the same base characteristics as the original. Cell then instantly loads the resultant sound as a keymapped sample in the current patch, ready to play.. The sound is then fed through the proprietary 'Reson Cell' oscillator which combines aspects of physical modelling and resynthesis resulting in a resonant oscilator based on the tonal characteristics of the base ambience. Intended to be of use as an atmosphere generation studio as well as a standard vsti, Cell also features live browsing & capturing of base & processed samples direct to disk for easy external editing or using your processed samples in other samplers or applications.
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    im very interested in what cell sounds like