[FS04] Counterstrike - "Drone" - Axiom " Clairvoyance"

[FS04] Filthy Sanchez Records # 4

A/ Counterstrike-Drone
AA/ Axiom-Clairvoyance

A serious contender for this year's Filth Factor is Sanchez's fourth release:

Our greasy friend invited Counterstrike back and they gladly obliged, bashing out a force 10 cumshot called Drone.
This rock solid spunk load smacks you hard in the face yet bounces more than Shakira's backside...perfect for grinding (on) the dancefloor.
The Panacea says:
«Played Drone...loved it...maybe even the best Counterstrike tune, really anthemic!»

Neurofunk's answer to Dracula, the one and only Axiom, delivers one of his trademark slices of «neurogoth» on the flip with Clairvoyance.
Claustrophobic soundscapes, razor-sharp rhythms & bone-shattering basslines make this tune an essential buy for any self respecting bass-fiend.
Sanchez says:
«The low-end on this track has loosened my bowels several times, dance near a toilet puto! Hehe!...I'm ecstatic about this release, it makes my pants go tight!»

12'' Vinyl available at all good record stores .
Digital download (release 30th January 2010)@ our beatport shop & most digital outlets.


MPR/Filthy Sanchez Crew