[FS03]KTHRSYS:Mute(Counterstrike rmx)/DubElements:ElMomento

Nov 28, 2007

A/Katharsys-Mute (Counterstrike remix)
AA/Dub Elements-El Momento

12" vinyl & digital download

After a short spell behind bars, Sanchez is back out and up to no good again...
In between 2 horse thefts he's managed to get his unwashed hands on some of the most sickening beats out there!
The mighty Counterstrike add an extra layer of dirt to Katharsys's already disgusting "Mute"...
This tune packs enough punch to blow up any bank safe with its terrorizing drums and earth-shaking bassline.
Alternatively you can also use it to wreak havoc at your local saloon/club!
On the flip, new-skool Spanish filth-mongers Dub Elements bring more madness than a barrel of Mezcal with "El Momento".
Hard-hitting drumwork combined with a bassline that has more twists than a telenovela will ensure a collective frenzy whenever dropped!

Sanchez says:"Listening to this 3rd release makes me want to set fire to things, I'm that happy! Enjoy, putos!"

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