fruity loops help

I've finally been able to produce sound out of fruity loops via my mini korg, the only problem is the sounds being produced are those that are already a part of the fruity loops software. I'm trying to get the actual sounds coming from my mini korg to play through fruity loops but cant. any ideas?
When you say korg i asume you are using a out board piece of kit and want fruityloops to trigger from it.. U will need some sort of out board mixer to combine the audio with (pc) the korg.... i used to use the old fruityloops and i could never figure it out (i have a access virus yamaha mu128, yamaha su700 sampler, yamaha dx200 and a Akai 2000)

I was introduced to cubase and never botherd with floops again.

Try this....

MIDI Setup
Click the MIDI tab in the System Settings window.

The Remote Control Input combo box contains a list of devices capable of MIDI output - such devices are MIDI keyboards and external MIDI controllers, such as PhatBoy(TM). The device you select in this box will be used for remote control in Fruity (to play notes and set properties from external MIDI devices).

The Output port mapping section contains a list of software/hardware MIDI synthesizers on your system that can be used for MIDI Output in FL Studio (such as loopback devices, hardware and software synthesizers etc.). Here you can map those MIDI drivers to a MIDI port in FL Studio. To map a device, select it in the list and set a port number in the box below. Selecting "---" in that box means you leave the device unmapped and it can't be used in FL Studio (but it will be free to use with other sequencers/players running at the same time).

In the Master Sync Output combo box you may select the device FL Studio will send master sync signal to the device chosen here (if Enable MIDI Master Sync is turned on in Options menu). FL Studio can be synced as a master with external MIDI devices. You can also sync with MIDI sequencers by using a virtual MIDI cable software, such as MIDI Yoke.

Check this