Drum & Bass Fruity Free Filter - Low pass automation and harsh kick


Easy guys,
I got a problem with automation low pass in drums, kick is harsh betweer 45Hz to 800Hz which sounds like that:
https://soundcloud.com/http%3A%2F%2Fsoundcloud.com%2Fmr_zoom%2Fharsh-kick I use blood overdrive, eq 2, compressor and sidechain with bass, even if I turn it all off it sounds same, so I have no idea what the reason could be. I changed the kick to another one and it still harsh as my grandmas radio :p. I can automate eq to cut off 0-100Hz but then the whole mixdown is not as cool as I want it to be. Any ideas my masters ?:D


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Yikes, that does sound muffled. Check the Q setting and make sure your slope isn't too sharp as this will create some unwanted resonance. 12db should do the trick. You shouldn't be automating anywhere below 30Hz, it's all inaudible noise that contributes nothing but audio shit to the mix and occupy precious headroom.

As a general rule, I personally don't let my kick cut any lower than 80dB, I save that low-end headroom for my sub(s). In fact, I usually cut around 90-100Hz and then have a nice smooth Q.

Check your settings on your compressor and then perhaps dial them back a bit. Don't add any gain and see how it sounds.


I would advise against placing a strong overdrive directly on the kick channel strip. You'd be better off setting up a distortion bus and then sending a small bit of the kick channel strip's "send" signal to the bus.


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I only use Fruity Blood OD when I want to bring the high end out of my noises, I think it's got a really bright sound to it.. I always use CamelCrusher for basses, kicks and snares; with the kicks and the snares I'll add a little bit of the compressor bit to it, usually with phat mode [or whatever] turned off.

Make sure your EQ isn't boosting anything, but you said it's there even if you've got the whole FX chain disabled.. Have you got a compressor on the master or something that might be causing a stirrup?

I always mix my tunes so that the master stays way clear of the reds, making them rather quiet, but apparently headroom helps in mastering so I always "assume" my tracks are going to be mastered and everything from the get go.


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Yep turn the resonance down, sounds like u have the kick and snare bussed into one channel? because i can hear the reso on the snare too