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Having just done the Fabric CD do you have any plans to do any more Progression Sessions CDs at all?

Absolutely. We’ve got this Exit mix which we’ve been trying to get out for the last year or so – a DVD which we’ve been editing and stuff – hopefully that will be coming out in October. First it was called Logical Progression, then it was called Progression Sessions and now it’s called Bukem In Session. I like to change the angle and names of what we do, to help keep a different spin on it. I’m also going to start a new mix series called Mellow Yellow. I’m going to re-open Looking Good and really go deep into the soulful elements of drum and bass and create a mix series around those releases which will be Mellow Yellow.

We’re releasing two 12”s on Good Looking at the moment and some EPs are going to start happening on Looking Good. We’re also doing a re-run of all the old stuff, starting with ‘Demon’s Theme’ and ‘Music’ and all the old PFM stuff – that’s going to be called Good Looking Moments. We’ve also got some offshoot sub labels - Spacefunk, Soulful and Lovebeams, there’s going to be albums on those from Furney and Paul SG, so there’s a lot happening at the moment.