From the depths to the highs - SBM roundup

The Dubstep sound played a crucial role in the last few features, with pieces from Coma and Cottonmouth. At the end of the week new comer Atmodisiac brought us to the edge of space with some layered progressive Drum and Bass. “Take me to the Edge of space”,was Atomodisiacs first feature, with its cinematic sounds and deep warm bassline. This is a journey worth taking.

The tracks from Coma and Cottonmouth are both ideal for an evening mashup ‘My Addiction’, form Coma, chopped up the beats over a sinister synth melody. Cottonmouths piece was a remix of SLK’s ‘Hype Hype’, crafted in solid Cottonmouth style. The energetic rhythm of this remix makes it impossible not to bob to.

Cottonmouth -
Atmodisiac - ... Atmodisiac
Coma -