From Hip Hop to Neurofunk – An Interview with Mefjus (In-Reach Mag)

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    They say “time flies when you’re having fun” and actually, I think they’re right because it definitely doesn’t feel like four years since a good friend told me to “check out this Mefjus dude because he’s going to rinse it!”. Turns out he was right, and yes, it pains me to admit that I didn’t discover him first and will always, therefore be indebted to said friend, and yes, it also pains me to admit that even after four years of listening to his music intently I still have absolutely no idea how to pronounce his name, Mefyoos/Meth Juice? Either way, the impact the young, Austrian producer has had on the scene in such a short space of time is utterly mind blowing and to think that he’s yet to reach his peak reassures me that the future of our scene is in very good hands indeed.

    After a phenomenal start to his career with a host of successful neurofunk bangers (such as Gravitational Lensing with Bowsar and Kaiza on the mighty Close2Death Recordings), Mefjus has quickly climbed the ranks and firmly secured his place at the top next to legendary producers such as Phace and Misanthrop. It only takes a few moments of browsing through his back catalogue to see why as the rate in which his production techniques have progressed is staggering, not only that, his ability to transfer this knowledge to other genres such as hip hop and even into the more rolling side of drum and bass has made Mefjus one of the most exciting producers of the moment. With this in mind, we couldn’t resist catching up with him to learn a little bit more . . .

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