Friday 9/2/05: The 2nd Annual ((CAMOUFLAGE-NYC)) Boat Party!


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The 2nd Annual

Friday September 2nd, 2005 Labor Day Weekend

R.A.W. aka B-BOY 3000 Los Angeles, CA
R.A.W. a.k.a. BBOY3000 has been a legend in the Los Angeles dance music scene for the last 15 years. Originally a hip-hop DJ and producer, his career has spanned the current history of dance music from electro, to hip hop, to techno, to drum and bass. With an impressive discography featuring 28 vinyl releases, and 8 CD releases on labels such as Warner Bros, Priority, his own Void Audio imprint, not to mention the tens of thousands of mix tapes sold in his DJ career, RAW he continues to be one of the most influential and sought after turntable technicians and producers in the US.

His story goes back to the days of breakin and poppin. In 86 he experimented with drum machines and synths to create electro style tracks and later joined Brooklyn MC Silkskii to release a hip hop single and video called Depression 99 under the name Project X. Yet, he chose to spend most of his time spinning on the radio, various high schools and engaging in many DJ battles which has given him his inimitable style and arsenal of battle weapons.

In 1991, R.A.W. stepped into the underground techno scene and brought with him an entirely different sound. Heavy basslines, razor-sharp scratching, and reggae/hip hop lyrics mixed flawlessly, has made him a crowd favorite anywhere he plays. R.A.W.'s hard-driving mixes stay true to his b-boy roots, with a fusion of dance floor and battle styles that distinguishes him as a DJ that not only makes the crowd move, but one with serious turntablist skills as well.

This intense energy and style R.A.W. exhibits both on the decks and in the studio has kept him busy, and he is constantly touring both in the United States and internationally. He spends his down time in the studio producing tracks for Surveillance Sound and for his own imprints Void Audio Experiments and Judgement. R.A.W. represents the best of LA's underground music scene and he brings this extraordinary expertise and confidence every time he hits the turntables.

J.SMOOTH Philadelphia, PA
Nationally touring dj and producer, he also plays guitar and a good dozen of other instruments on all his original productions. World renowned for his funky drum and bass sets and his ill scratching abilities, J.Smooth was one of the pioneers of American Hip Hop and Drum and Bass fusion sound. Nowadays, he makes it all from sick funk jams, downtempo ballads, and even rocking house tracks as part of Tito's Kids.
Check out his latest full length, original album "Mount Vernon Street" under His "GFS" group alias which is available now worldwide.

As the man responsible for the inception of the Camouflage parties, Christian has been a key figure in the development of the NYC Drum & Bass scene since the early days. CB is mostly recognized as the premiere resident of his weekly party, which is now in it's 8th year. He is a highly respected and talented DJ who is diverse and full of surprises each time he spins! Get ready as the Camouflage Chameleon brings an authentic blend of past, present and future Drum & Bass in such a way only he can do!

9X Queens, NYC
9X is a NYC veteran with 19 years of dj'ing experience under his belt, 10 years of that have been dedicated to Drum and Bass. Ripping up dancefloors with his unique style of Jungle since the early rave days and becoming a staple in the progression of the New York City Drum and Bass Scene. Last, but not least he's been associated with such prestige organizations as U-Buzzin, Konkrete Jungle, Stuck On Earth and Camouflage. Today he stands and represents his own "Automatik, NYC" and "Revolution, NYC".

KECH Brooklyn, NYC
Kech grew up in the heart of Queens as a B-boy and famed Graffiti writer. When the Rave sound hit NYC, he was already a regular at the now legendary NASA parties of '92 where his undeniable interest in DJ-ing became clear. In '95 Kech began spinning Jungle and Hip-Hop with a turntablist flavor and soon became the prime artist of the Stuck On Earth roster. Here in his hometown NYC, Kech's name can be found on almost every major Rave and/or DnB Club flyer as a prime artist of the lineup. His tremendous popularity is due to his Hip-Hop/R&B influenced selection coupled with his fast, smooth mixing style.

She hails from the mighty Queens, New York City and if you don't know MC Blaise you don't know stateside Drum & Bass. Blaise is the first true lady of Drum & Bass and among the first handful of stateside MCs, period. Her unique style of rhyming, ragga, scatting and all out singing has been mimicked by many and mastered by none. Blaise is one of the true originals who refuse to succumb to the multi MC circus, giving nothing but respect to the DJ & the MUSIC and shutting the f*^k up when the beats have more to say than any voice ever could. She has backed such talent as Goldie, Ed Rush, Tee Bee, SS, High Contrast, Dara, Siren, Christian Bruna, Kech, Dieselboy and many more.

You'll understand the real Drum & Bass journey when Blaise lights up the way.

Half Moon

Bar Area

Main Seating Area

Dance Floor

Click on link for Virtual Tour:
About the cruise: The Half Moon is a 2-level boat, with a full bar and bathrooms on the lower level. The dj's play on the upper level, which has a roof, but is open on the sides. There is also a large open deck on the upper level, where smoking is permitted as you enjoy panoramic views of the city and beyond. Departing from 23rd Street and FDR Drive, the Half Moon heads south along the East River and passes underneath the 3 major bridges (Williamsburg, Manhattan and Brooklyn), then cruises through New York harbor to the Statue of Liberty, which it circles for approximately 30 minutes. It then turns around and makes the same trip again in reverse. The experience of watching the bridges pass overhead while great dj's are rocking 20 feet away is not to be missed!

Aboard the Half Moon located at the Skyport Marina, 23rd St. & FDR Drive (East River), NYC
7:00pm Boarding, 8:00pm Departure, 11:00pm Return, Rain or Shine!
$25 in advance (more at door), 18+/21 to drink w/ID
Only 200 tickets will be sold, don't miss out!
Free giveaways all night!

Tickets available @, Camouflage Tuesday's, Breakbeat Science and Satellite Records
For more info: or 212-252-2199

Crowd shots from last years Boat Party

J.Smooth, Christian Bruna, Raw Q aka DJ Beau

The Legendary Soul Slinger