Friday, 16 January 2009 DJ Craig G - Wideboy's 4x4 Garage Mix


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DJ Craig G - Wideboy's 4x4 Garage Mix

01. Wideboys - Tip Toe The Raver (4x4 Mix) [Garage Jams]
02. Wideboys Ft. Vula - UK Shakedown (Original 4x4 Mix) [Garage Jams]
03. Wideboys vs. Norris & Rose Windross - Music is My Life (Funki Mix)[Garage Jams]
04. Wideboys vs. DJ Luck & MC Neat - Freak (4x4 Heavy Mix) [Garage Jams]
05. Wideboys vs. Norris & Rose Windross - Destination Weekend (4x4 Heavy Mix) [Garage Jams]
06. Wideboys - Beyond The Funk of Duty (4x4 Mix) [Garage Jams]
07. MJ & The Wideboys - Nothing But Trouble (Original Mix) [Prolific Recordings]
08. Wideboys - Move It Down (4 To The Floor Mix) [Garage Jams]
09. Shaolin Master ft. Siobhan - Friends (Wideboy's Remix) [Gridlock'd]
10. Wideboys - Feedback Late Last Night(4X4 Original)[Garage Jams]
11. MJ Cole Vs. The Wideboys Ft. Vula - Body Language(Original Mix) [Garage Jams]
12. Wideboys - In Too Deep [Garage Jams]
13. Let's Come Together(Chester Copperpot Mix) [Point Blank Records]
14. Wideboys Ft. Dennis - If You Wanna Party(Wideboys Main Mix) [Garage Jams]
15. Wideboys Ft. Vula - Naughty By Nature(Original Mix) [Garage Jams]
16. Norris Da Boss Vs Wideboys Feat. Creed & Rose - Hooligan(Delmonte Rammo Mix) [Sub Jams]
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