Friction wins award for making the worst tune of 2012 (WARNING: BROSTEP)


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Mar 27, 2007

What the fuck. Is this the same guy who runs one of the most respected labels in dnb? Literally one of the worst pieces of music I have ever heard. You just know he's going to play this on his Radio 1 show. I don't think I'll be tuning in live until I have looked at the tracklists beforehand.
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Not a fan, but I wouldn't really go that far to label it as the worst tune ever lol. Anyways dnbforum
lol yes indeed this is terrible, what was he thinking while doing this?!

"I need some commercial sounding tunes to appeal to the retards who will tune into my new radio show expecting to hear screeches, squelches, cheesy vocals, fart sounds and various animal sounds"

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Not a fan, but I wouldn't really go that far to label it as the worst tune ever lol. Anyways dnbforum

It's the early front-runner for worst tune of 2012
Well, it certainly ticks all the boxes for mainstream dubstep.

I dont really mind what he does with his radio 1 slot as long as he keeps his roots just as prevelant as the screechy wobble. Theres a place for both, but the underground sounds have way more credibility.
When the dust settles, undreground dnb will be left. Screechy wobble robot sex will drop out of favour just like every other sound thats come and gone in the history of forever.

Just dont hospitalise shogun! We love your sounds the way they are!
It's not THAT bad. Yes it's bad. But not THAT bad. I was expecting something akin to DJ Fresh - Fight ... now that is awful bad.
as long as every other artist on his label continues to put out good stuff friction can do what he wants in the studio - guess he wants a commercial face to it. it is rubbish imo.

also i pray to god he doesn't start wheeling this out in his sets. mix with sweet shop and mr happy :shudders
Its drum and bass. And to a certain extent its understandable whether you like it or not...
i think its rubbish but i dont mind

i love what friction does, if he needs to sell his ass to the corporates every once in a while for extra cash then thats fine by me
what the fuck is this shit? What is happening with the biggest names trying to ruin the genre? Money is the root of all evil, once again confirmed.
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