Drum & Bass Fri Dec 8th. Soul:ution ft. DRS (Live) / Doc Scott / Presha / Marcus Intalex / Bane


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We return to Band On The Wall to bring you the finest in D&B music.

Friday December 8th

DRS (Live)
Doc Scott (31 Records)
Presha (Samurai Music)
Marcus Intalex (Soul:R)
Bane (Eastern Bloc Records)

His recent "I Don't Usually Like MC's But…" LP is a must. Featuring production from Dub Phizix, Lynx, d Bridge, Genotype, S.P.Y., Marcus Intalex, Lenzman, Calibre, Enei, Pete Simpson. As well as featuring vocals from Fox, Jenna G, Kim Nishikawara, Tyler Daley, Kemo, Jehst, Riya, Chimpo, Konny Kon, Rolla, Skittles, Strategy & T Man. The live show will be one to remember.

Doc Scott
A man with a career in music production & DJing that spans over 2 decades. One of the most well respected DJ's & label owners in the industry. The Doc has been at the cutting edge of the D&B scene since before its birth. He has an extensive back catalogue of releases on labels including; Reinforced, Metalheadz, Certificate 18, Good Looking and his own imprint 31 Records.

The big boss man of Samurai Music (and sub-labels; Samurai Horo & Samurai Red Seal) The label began in 2007 and is home to some of the best D&B releases in the last few years. Artists include; ASC, Tokyo Prose, Nymfo, Klute, Sam KDC, Dub Phizix, Skeptical, Lynx, Calibre. With such quality control for the label, image the artillery he will have to play with at Soul:ution. Check the recent Way Of The Samurai 2: Code Of Honour LP.

Marcus Intalex
The main man behind it all. Soul:ution resident DJ, producer and Soul:R label owner. Marcus has released music on pretty much every label in D&B worth mentioning. The 2011 "21" LP on Soul:R was a milestone moment for D&B. Soul:R has now been going for nearly 12 years and has always set the standard for quality electronic music.

Bane has been hand picked as the new Soul:ution resident by Marcus, due to his in depth knowledge of the genre and work at Eastern Bloc Records for the last decade. Bane has been one of the true heads of the Manchester scene, playing alongside the likes of Paradox, Breakage, D Bridge, Commix, Seba, Loxy and many other key figures within the industry.

10pm - 3pm

26 Swan St,
M4 5JZ.

£10 advance / Early bird tickets available from Eastern Bloc Records.

Not to be missed.
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