Drum & Bass FRI 28th MARCH. MANC. Soul:ution Jubei / Synkro / Marcus Intalex / Bane / MC DRS


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Soul:ution ft. Jubei / Synkro / Marcus Intalex / Bane / MC DRS

Thanks to everyone who made it to the 10th birthday. A night to go down in history. All the DJ's played a great selection. The vibe was electric all night. This month we have another treat in store for you.

Line up:

Jubei (Metalheadz, Code 3)
Synkro (Samurai Music, Kiyoko)
Marcus Intalex (Soul:R)
Bane (Realignment Recordings)
MC DRS (Estate Recordings, Broke'N'£nglish)


This will be Jubei's debut DJ set for Soul:ution. A well established name within the drum & bass scene. He has released music on Emcee Recordings, Scientific Wax, Coded Music, Ingredients, Inneractive, Xtinction Agenda, Quarantine and Metalheadz. As well as remixes for Horizons, Product, Blackout Music, Critical & Shogun Audio. The "Distrust EP" dropped on Headz in 2010, followed by the "Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained EP". He is also a key member of the Code 3 collective along with SP:MC & Dakuan. As well this, he has collaborated with the likes of Breakage, Alix Perez, Rockwell, Phobia, Icicle, Ulterior Motive, Vicious Circle, Cern, SPY, Lenzman, Logistics and Fierce.


A veteran of the Manchester music scene and globally well travelled DJ & producer, Synkro has been releasing his own music since 2007. In 2008 Synkro & Indigo launched Mindset Recordings. His music caught D Bridge's discerning ear and the track "Open Arms' appeared in the groundbreaking Autonomic series. The track was later released as part of the "Mosaic LP Sampler" on Exit Records in 2010. More recently, Synkro has been involved in the "Kiyoko" project with Bering Strait; releasing music for DJ Presha's Samurai Music & ASC's Auxiliary label.

Marcus Intalex

The founding father who started all of this over 10 years ago. Establishing himself within the jungle scene in 1994 on Flex Records. Intalex Recordings was launched in 1995 to release music from S.T. Files, Sappo & XTC among others. A few years later in 2001 Soul:R was launched. Revolve:R was launched in 2003 to showcase the more experimental side. Marcus has released on a number of labels, Ill Skillz, Samurai Music, Blindside Recordings, Dispatch, Ingredients, Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware, Critical, Ram Records, Blu Mar Ten, Spearhead, Hospital, Detail & Commercial Suicide.


Jim has been the drum & bass specialist at Eastern Bloc Records for nearly a decade. He has now established himself as the Soul:ution resident due to his knowledge of the genre and technical skill as a DJ. Look out for a forthcoming vinyl release scheduled under the name "Pattern" for Realignment Recordings. "Pattern - Draft" (Original / AnD Remix).\


Resident for Soul:ution since day one, part of the Broke'N'£nglish family and your favourite MC's favourite MC. He was recently crowned as Best MC in the D&B Arena Awards 2012, a well deserved achievement I am sure you will agree. The debut LP "I Don't Usually Like MC's But.." proves how versatile he is on the mic.

10.30pm - 3pm

26 Swan St,
M4 5JZ


£5+bf (student) / £8+bf (early bird) available from Eastern Bloc Records, 5A Stevenson Sq. 01612286555
£10 advance / £12 on the door