Fresh from the Sewer [Kane 103.7 FM} - Clairvo (Mustbeat Crew Guest Mix)

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    all the usual japes plus a label showcase from Clairvo (Mustbeat Crew) Hope you are feeling it!

    check us on FB if you can spare a thumb

    and Clairvo :


    1.Father Funk - SayerWhat?
    2.The spank. - Cold as Ice
    3.Jimi Needles - Crazy In Love
    4.Bondax - No Diggety (TB1)
    5.Jaws v Salt n Pepa - Push The Moombahton
    6.The Floozies - Booger Bear
    7.B-Side ft Kymberly Kennedy - Dope Rider
    8.Howla - Llama Pimp
    9.Jayl Funk - DYNAMITE FUNK
    10.Kill Paris - To a New Earth (Sammy Senior rmx)
    11.Leo - Get On Down
    12.Jimi Needles - Swing Da Club
    13.Warp9 - Prince 1999 (Warp9Refunk)
    14.The spank. - Getting Things Done
    15.Mr B.I.R.D. - Champignon Sound (djtzinas' other diresctions remix)
    16.El Bomba - Cop Dat Shit (Niles philips remix)
    17.Lakeshore drive - Disco Strut (DJ Twister remix)
    18.J-Sound - Supernature (instrumental re-mastered)
    19.J-Sound - Supernature (BadboE remix)
    20.Nnothing - Different Ways (Nynfus Corporation remix)
    21.Yomakomba - Superstar (Father Funk remix)
    22.Lakeshore drive - Living The Funk (Tom Drummond & his friends remix)
    23.J-Sound - Sound - Fully Funked (instrumental re-work)
    24.Zenit Incompatible - Yours
    25.The Worldstylers - Roller Low (QUincy Jointz remix)
    26.Pulp Fusion - Bring It Back (Lakeshore Drive Remix)
    27.Mr B.I.R.D. - Champignon Sound (Jayl Funk remix)
    28.Lakeshore drive - Disco Strut (Danny Massure remix)
    29.Badboe - My Style /Supercool/ (MustBeat Crew 120 BPM remix)
    30.Fabian Juli Jazz Riff - Relax (dj Clairvo re-fix)
    31.Vida G - Club Havanna (DJ Kid Stretch remix)
    32.The Worldstylers - The Kosher Beat (Qdup remix)
    33.Mustbeat Crew - Punani
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    Proper mixcloud link added :)