Fresh from the Sewer (Cockney Nutjob exclusive)

Discussion in 'Members Mixes' started by turtDJ, Oct 23, 2013.

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    Oct 24, 2010
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    Hello gang - latest show on zee mixcloud for anyone who fancys some non dnb.. take a look!

    Fresh from the Sewer facebook:

    Cockney Nutjob Facebook:

    hope you are feeling it - let me know if you need anything else :)

    Don’t Care - Mr No Hands
    Fever 105 - Father Funk
    City is Empty Without You - Basement Freaks
    Simple (Ft The Floozies) - GRiZ
    Cowbell Around (Dylan Sanders and Drop Mash) - House of Pain V Pyramyth
    Party Remedy - Stickybuds & Bobby C Ft. The Jungle Brothers
    See You Soon - Chudy
    The Horn - Herbgrinder
    Play that funky music white boy - Kill Paris
    Pressure Cooker - Tom Drummond
    Aint got No - Pimpsoul
    Let Me Clar My Throat - X-Ray Ted
    Living The Funk (Omegaman remix) - Lakeshore Drive
    Drum 2 on Beat - Leg Jazz vs Claudio Giordano
    Get Up On Ya Feet - Cockney Nutjob
    Liar - Cockney Nutjob
    Hell Yeah - Father Funk
    Alright Now - Sammy Senior
    People - Slynk
    Jump & Jive - The Phunk Junkies
    Watch This - Cockney Nutjob
    For What It’s Worth - Dusty tonez
    Same girl - DJ Rudd & Skandi
    Hey You - Slynk
    Street Jam - Funky Boogie Brothers
    Soul For Free - Laptop Funkers
    Chicks For Free - CMC & Silenta
    Got it Like That - Secondhand Audio ft Dizzy Dustin
    Mama Said - Timothy Wisdom
    Pound For Pound - Jpod
    Long Dark Road - Dancefloor Outlaws ft. Stella Attar
    Time Runner - LaFunkt
    Stylin - B-Side
    Lonely Hearts Club - D-Funk
    Backyard Baby - Funkanomics
    Midnight hour - Sammy Senior
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    West London
    You dropping funk bombs on us again Turtle?? Big up your chest will check this when I get home from work.
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    Cheers man - got a couple of wicked guest mixes comig up in the next two weeks too, so ill post em up as and when. I do need to do a straight up mix, not for radio- its been ages since i since a mix with no talking on!