Fresh & Baron : Supernature / Fahrenheit

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    Big things already been put into place from Breakbeat Kaos & this latest collaboration is no exception. Fresh & Baron bring there well moulded d&b skills together to creat one hell of a funky roller which is destined to be a massive hit throughout the dancefloors.
    A simple bassline melody beginnings work from the start accompanied by some fast paced shakers & a steady 2 step kick rhythm, before the 'Supernature' vocals sweep into the track & just help to lift the kicks into a steady drum roll before the things get real funked up.
    Lashings of speaker rumbling bass move along contagiously while the chattering shakers & hi-hats scurry behind the subtle bubbling sub bass. Any of the old jungle heads are going to instantly recognise the descending synth which drops at the end of every 16 bars (think 31 Records & Digital for the answer).
    Fresh & Baron have worked this tune well not overdoing the switches every 4 bars & not making this to bouncy it will jump of the decks as soon as the needle hits it. This is one of their recent efforts which gets a thumbs up from me, hopefully they can continue the quality.

    Overall: 8/10

    More dancefloor pressure from Fresh & Baron this time opting to take things on more of a stuttered drum tip. Still keeping with the usual big is better sound samples 'Faherenheit' works nicely as a little track to drop just to switch the dancefloor around a little more & get those head nodders working. A phased conga pattern acts as the central part of this track to start getting the main groove flowing & once the drum pattern is layed a 'Moving Fusion' style melody is cut to match the breaks.
    The only problem with this track is there were alot of unneccesary sound FX added just before the second break which kind of put me of a little, but still a solid B side which is sure to get rotation in the coming months.

    Overall 6.5/10

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