DnB Frequency Formation - Neurofunk: March

Jan 8, 2014
King's Lynn, Norfolk, UK
Welcome to my March edition of my Neurofunk mixes.

This March episode features tracks from Juno, Malux, Jestah, Deformaty, Mizo and more.

Hope you enjoy

Feel free to repost, comment and share.

Have a good and safe Easter weekend

FF xxxx

Juno - Phaser (C4C Limited)
Malux - Flatline (Vision Recordings)
Jestah - Next Time (Hanzom Music)
Melanchol - Fallout (Axon Records)
Sikka - Snap Your Neck (Battle Track 202) (Inna Rhythm)
Jestah - Masses (Hanzom Music)
Deformaty - Android Revolt (Badkill Records)
Epsilonite - The Laboratory (You So Fat Records)
Kajah & Mindhaze - Atomic Bassline (Invasion Recordings)
Malux - Screw Up (Vision Recordings)
Mob Tactics - Pure X (RAM Records)
Restraint - Wardance (Spiked Punch)
Smooth - Anger (Mainframe Recordings)
Stapleton - Skanker (Primitive UK)
Juno - Hypnosis (C4C Limited)
Malux - Hideout (Vision Recordings)
Deformaty - Cataclysm (Badkill Records)
Bassgrow - Gospel (Storno Beatz Recordings)
Gydra - Hangjaw (Eatbrain)
Jade - Angry (Eatbrain)
Melanchol - Abyssal ((Axon Records))
Epsilonite & Reaktive - Concoction (You So Fat Records)
Kajah & Mindhaze - Madness In Wonderland (Invasion Recordings)
Lye-Low - Breaking Point (Digital Assassins)
Mizo - Desert Trail (Eatbrain)
Transerfing Project - Space Object (Drevobos Recordings)
Juno - Sylar (C4C Limited)
Mizo - Icy Wyrm (Eatbrain)
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