DnB Frequency Formation - Bass Cast #63

Jan 8, 2014
King's Lynn, Norfolk, UK
Hello and welcome to Bass Cast #63.

28 tracks of feel good uplifting drum n bass music to ease these uncertain times.

Featuring tracks from Flaco, Peshay, ALB, Command Strange & Danny Wheeler, Edlan, Dexcell Dan Guidance and many more.

Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment, repost and share.

Stay safe xxx

Flaco - You Should Be Here (Makoto & Random Movement Remix) (Flight Pattern Records)
Peshay - Superfly (Peshay Music)
ALB - Blame (RAM Records)
Phase 2 - End Of May (Anthony Kasper Remix) (Flight Pattern Records)
FX909 - Stay Focus (FX909 Music)
Shapeshifter - Break Me Down (Flowidus Remix) (Elevate Records (UK) )
ALB feat. Anastasia - The One (RAM Records)
Neuron - I Need (Progressive House)
Symptom & Parallel Motion - Autum Leaves (Emcee Recordings)
Command Strange & Danny Wheeler feat. Steelo - Golden Era (Liquid V)
Phonetic - So Sweet (Fresh Recordings)
Edlan - Forgotten Basement (Fokuz Recordings)
Maverick Soul - Euphoria (Weapons of Choice Recordings)
Oakwite - Moonpool (Pilot Records)
GLXY feat. Ruby Wood - Abstraction (Shogun Audio)
Minos & Messiah - Down the Drain (Fokuz Recordings)
FarFlow & Duskee - The Reason (Instrumental) (Fokuz Recordings)
Alekay - Stars (Liquid Drops)
Duoscience - Consciousness (Fokuz Recordings)
Minos - Illusion (Fokuz Recordings)
Dexcell feat. Emily Makis - Ghost Notes (Spearhead Records)
Dan Guidance - When You're Around (Bay 6 Recordings)
Stereotype - Quality Time (Code Recordings)
Hiraeth - I Will feat Phoebe Freya (Galacy)
Lux - Golden (Peer Pressure)
Hocseat - Soulmotion (Soul Deep Digital)
Edlan, Djah & Smote - Heathen (Give Me More) (Fokuz Recordings)
Keeno - Troopers Peak (Hospital Records)
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