DnB Frequency Formation - Bass Cast #62

Jan 8, 2014
King's Lynn, Norfolk, UK
Greetings and welcome to Bass Cast #62

For Bass Cast #62 we're going all liquid and all fresh with brand new fresh vibes from ALX, Leniz, Airshots, The Vanguard Project and warm welcome return of early liquid funk heroes Carlito & Addiction and many more.

So sit back and enjoy over an hour of some liquid sweetness with smooth natural flowing mixing.

Artwork: https://serving.photos.photobox.com...5347994aa36dad0dbbe896ec3573d10c97efff173.jpg

Download: https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZ6QV1kZyVcCCOjSNjYW1uRAarR9HfszysBk

Carlito & Addiction - Sunrise (Liquid V)
Ben Soundscape, Roygreen & Protone - Adversity (Dispatch Recordings)
Low:r - Wisteria (Fokuz Recordings)
Soul Connection - Forever You (Amphibious Audio Recordings)
Sub Zero Feat.Roxi Yung - Missing Piece (Playaz)
Leniz - Melancholy (Fokuz Recordings)
ALX - Focus (Celsius Recordings)
Bert H - Aadwark (Galacy)
Telomic - Falling (Liquicity Records)
Duoscience - Short Turn (Celsius Recordings)
Airshots - Ghost Drift (Future Retro)
Funkware - The Vibe (Funkstuff Recordings)
Aperio feat. Alissa May & Alissa Eady - Hours & Hours (Galacy)
Leniz - Illusions (Fokuz Recordings)
Peron - Stolen Amolite (Soul Deep Digital)
Airshots feat. Ben Shemel - Can't Catch Me (Future Retro)
Skuff - Walk Away (Rebel Music)
The Vanguard Project - All This Time (Spearhead Records)
ALX - Insight (Celsius Recordings)
Monrroe - Any Night (Shogun Audio)
Skuff - Pushing Buttons (Rebel Music)
Soul Connection - Deep Sleep (Amphibious Audio Recordings)
Secret Structures - Atlantis Lost (Silence Groove Remix) (Soul Deep Digital)
Logistics feat. Thomas Oliver - Stay True (Hospital Records)
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