DnB Frequency Formation - Bass cast #39

Jan 8, 2014
King's Lynn, Norfolk, UK
Hello everyone

Welcome to Bass Cast #39

Over an hour of various dnb vibes with new tracks from Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Damage Report, Matrix & Futurebound, Cyantific, Alibi & Command Strange, Anthony Kasper, Ewol and many more.

Hope you enjoy.

Take care x

Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Jungle All The Way
Furniss - Rasclart
Tr Tactics - Rise Of The Galaxy
Kursiva - Rocking With The Goat
Deadline - Bitter
Damage Report - Shoreditch
Nickbee & The Clamps - The Roots
Dub Head - Giant
Matrix & Futurebound - Mystery Machine
Cyantific - Body Movin (feat. Shockone )
Teiterium - Walking Through Machu Picchu
Alibi & Command Strange - Ahead Of Me VIP
Sl8r - Bittersweet
Anthony Kasper - Over Under
Cnof - Destiny
Ewol - Tokyo Blues
Ewol - Don't Go
BlastikZ - By Your Side
Kasger - Blue Marble
Bop x Subwave - Clair De Lune
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