Frequency Formation - Bass Cast #22 (Halloween Edition)

Jan 8, 2014
King's Lynn, Norfolk, UK
Here is Bass Cast# 22 (Halloween Edition) over an hour of dark hard drum n bass with a few scares screams and chainsaws to get you in the mood. Enjoy


Agressor Bunx - Scream
Anon Natura - Panic
Aphotsys - Synthetic Army
Bad Blood - Huggle
Quadros - Nuclear Explosion (Original mix)
Tobax & DaVIP - Collisions
Denial & DJ E - Charles Manson
Malsum & Counterstrike - Uprising
Nohzo - Mirage
Appiron - Spectral Side
Slang Banger - Hoxton
Diforcen - The Turn
Opius - Secrets Of The Sea
Atomia - Evil Evolutions (Original Mix)
Remote Viewer - Dead head
Mansion - Sl8r
Quadros - Killer With a Chainsaw (Original mix)
Tobax - Stop! (Instrumental)
Modborger - Trial By Fire
Wickaman - The Reality Check
Spectra & mech - Division Control
Agressor Bunx - The Curse
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